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  • Margarita Side Table

    Regular Price:


    A delightful and harmonious side or bistro table with a high-waisted asymmetric hexagonal antique brass base and a rounded edged octagonal black tempered glass top.

    Product Code: 76-0355

    Width: 41cm     Height: 65cm     Depth: 41cm

  • Camilla Mirror

    Regular Price:


    One of the legendary designs by Christopher Guy, launched to commemorate the chapeau worn by Camilla Parker Bowles at her royal wedding.

    Product Code: 50-1686

    Finish Shown: 20th Century Silver

    Width: 105cm     Height: 105cm     Depth: 6cm

  • Bamboo Lounge Chair

    Regular Price:

    A low back lounge chair with a carved faux bamboo banding. Loose back and seat. Slope arm. Flaring legs. This is a very comfortable lounge chair of intermediate scale. The design is quite novel, but the overall effect is more neutral - casual or formal, traditional or eclectic - depending on the fabric. Works as both a conversation and a lounge chair. 

    Product Code: 335-33-9

    Fabric Shown: Yellow Chenille 73-651  (no longer available). Designer Choice: Blue Chenille Fabric 73-652, Olde World Mahogany Finish

      83.8cm     Height:  85.1cm     Depth: 86.4cm

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  • Paramount Chair

    Regular Price:

    The Paramount is one of the rare high-fashion designs that is genuinely flexible, working equally well in both modern and more traditional settings. The butterknife arm is not only comfortable but also a bit thinner and more tailored than most. A stylized bracket detail, slightly elongated, appears on all four sides of the chair, making it an ideal candidate to float.The rectilinear form and largely weltless design create an edited look. To some extent, that pushes the eye to the short, dramatically-flaring legs. A great extra chair and an equally great finishing touch. 

    Product Code: 6545C

    Fabric Shown: Green Velvet 61-355 Fabric, American Walnut Wood Finish

      86.4cm     Height:  91.4cm     Depth: 99.1cm

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  • European Club Chair

    Regular Price:

    A club chair with a tight back and a loose seat. Track arm with a gentle arc in anticipation of a sinuous descent. Optional nailhead trim. Square tapered legs with brass caps and casters. This moderately scaled Club Chair offers unexpected movement. An elegant but understated profile with optional nailhead akin to a string of pearls. European nonchalance. Depending on the fabric, this chair can work in almost any scheme or setting. Well suited to a combination or even whimsical fabric.

    Product Code: 520-31-9

    Fabric Shown: T408-11 (no longer available). Designer choice: Ivory Linen 19-790 Fabric Grade 6 & Luxe Finish

      78.7cm     Height:  99.1cm     Depth:  88.9cm

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  • Moderne Wing Chair

    Regular Price:

    An unusual chair with hand-tufted back and wings. Exaggerated wings create a shelter effect. Loose cushion seat. Tapered legs.This is a fresh slant on a traditional wing chair, somewhat smaller, with a slightly lower seat. Designed as a conversation chair, the user is encouraged to nestle in the corner, possibly with a leg draped over the corner. Typically used in pairs.

    Product Code: 6331

    Fabric Shown: 44-242 (no longer available). Designer choice: Tan Linen 62-501 Fabric Grade 12 & Sable Finish

      86.4cm     Height:  91.4cm     Depth:  90.2cm

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  • Paramount Sofa

    Regular Price:


    The Paramount is one of the rare high fashion designs that is genuinely flexible, working equally well in both modern and more traditional settings. The butterknife arm is not only comfortable but also a bit thinner and more tailored than most. A stylized bracket detail, slightly elongated, appears on all four sides of the sofa, making it an ideal candidate to float.The rectilinear form and largely weltless design create an edited look. To some extent, that pushes the eye to the short, dramatically-flaring legs. The result is something apart from the ordinary but readily complementing a variety of looks.

    Product Code: 6545S

    Fabric Shown: Brown Polyester 12-842, American Walnut Wood Finish

    Width: 215.9cm     Height: 91.4cm     Depth: 99.1cm

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  • Grand Sofa

    Regular Price:


    An Your vision is realised. Baker Elements ushers in a new generation of custom seating, drawn from an asoortment of classic patterns, tailored to your personal preferences. Bakers unique philosophy of combining the eye and hand has been in place for nearly one hundred years. Baker knows that what is inside your piece of furniture is just as important as what is on the outside.

    Product Code: E23-1

    Fabric Shown: Grey Blend 17-9307, Sable Wood Finish

    Width: 243.8cm     Height: 94cm     Depth: 96.5cm

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  • Medida Sofa

    Regular Price:


    An updated sofa with just the hint of a high P-arm. Loose back pillow and a bench seat. Slightly flaring legs. The word medida means measured. Laura Kirar's recent work in Latin America is often a measured response to the strong architecture of the area. This sofa offers a classic modern look in a large room. Ideal for entertaining or media. Four legitimate seats. A strong horizontal line might appeal to the art collector for something to anchor a wall.

    Product Code: 6112s

    Fabric Shown: Green Linen 44-284, Manor House Wood Finish

    Width: 243.8cm     Height: 92.7cm     Depth: 94cm

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  • Fonthill Ceiling Light by Bill Sofield

    Regular Price:


    The eight-light Fonthill Ceiling Light begins with a shimmering ten-inch orb of mercury glass that rests above a four-armed Antique Bronze frame set with a pair of small lights at each point. The circular oversized silk lampshade casts the silvery, reflecting light downward in a glow of understated elegance.

    Interior Design magazine described Bill Sofield as “a choreographer of spaces.” Considered one of the most thoughtful design talents of his generation and a true master of Modernism, Sofield believes that design must serve the client’s individual needs and function as beautifully as it looks. 

    Product Code: BSA124

    As Shown: Shantung Silk Shade

    Diameter: 58.4cm     Height: 127cm

  • Solaire by Thomas Pheasant

    Regular Price:


    Thomas Pheasant is an award-winning interior designer who has been recognized internationally for his interior design and furniture collections. Pheasant’s style conveys modern elegance:  calm, luxurious interiors that emphasize elements of quality and comfort. He is known as the master of the neutral palette, brought to life in his own signature pieces. Pheasant focuses on bringing a contemporary dimension to classic design principles, bridging past and present with beautiful silhouettes and distinctive fabrics.

    Product Code: PH317

    As Shown: Brass and Mahogany post, Sand Cotton Opaque Shade

    Width: 66cm     Height: 174cm     Depth: 66cm

  • Couronne by Jacques Garcia

    Regular Price:


    A delicate shade is suspended from four graceful "lyre" arms, harkening back to certain lamps designed during the Empire period. A delicate metal "crown" adorns the top of this simple yet elegant chandelier that is at home in both traditional and classically contemporary settings.

    One of the most sought-after French interior decorators of our time, Jacques Garcia specializes in designing places of mythic status, like James Joyce's favorite restaurant and Oscar Wilde's Parisian residence. With a career that spans three decades, Garcia is inspired by Napoleonic extravagance and Zen minimalism alike. His Baker furniture collection reflects Garcia’s larger-than-life spirit with refined, classical shapes, a sense of warmth and livability, and luxurious comfort. These are pieces made to last a lifetime, and beyond.

    Product Code: JG302G

    As Shown: Antique Gold Finished Brass Base, Ivory Shade

    Width: 72.1cm     Height: 43.2cm     Depth: 72.1cm

  • Reeded Base Sofa by Barbara Barry

    Regular Price:


    Relaxed sofa with a loose back and seat. The unusual arm combines the track and saddle styles. Shaped bracket feet add height and personality.This is a deep, comfortable sofa with more than a hint of whimsy. Relying on a relaxed fusion of traditional motifs, the right fabric can make it the right choice for almost any scheme. Three generous seats make it ideal for entertaining. Enough scale for a great room.

    Product Code: 826-90

    Fabric Shown: Gold Cotton (no longer available)   

    Width: 228.6cm     Height: 94cm     Depth: 104.1cm

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  • St. James Sofa by Jacques Garcia

    Regular Price:


    Even Jacques Garcia's extraordinary clientele ultimately lives in a world made comfortable by modern things. Garcia acknowledges that there will always be a role for inspiration and just as surely a role for invitation. We need a place to be social and a few pieces where the party comes to life. The St. James Sofa does that. It's big, deep, and comfortable. You sit in it, and you sit on it. On the arms, on the back, and en masse. The St. James is rectilinear and precisely tailored, with bold biscuit tufting and a wide box arm. That modern look is softened by unexpected pleat and button details on the arm panel. A floating base creates a to-the-floor look.

    Product Code: 6140S

    Finish Shown: Gold Linen Fabric 94-520 Grade 11

    Width: 264.2cm     Height: 81.3cm     Depth: 109.2cm

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  • Juliette Chair

    Regular Price:

    The Juliette Chair presents timeless style in this variation of the classic wing chair.

    Product Code: 160C

    Finish Shown: Tan Linen 62-501 Fabric Grade 12 & American Walnut Finish

      81.3cm     Height:  99.1cm     Depth:  94cm

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  • Horizon Server by Barbara Barry

    Regular Price:


    Barbara Barry is among the world's most prominent and talented designers. Based in Southern California, she has created quietly beautiful, livable interiors for more than three decades. Barry is inspired by the natural world, and she believes that home furnishings should evoke calm and serenity as an antidote to the chaos of our modern lives. The ideas of simplicity, understated elegance, and timelessness define Barry’s design ethos. In her words, “Designing furniture that will become a part of a family’s history is one of the things I love about my work.”

    Product Code: 3300

    Finish Shown: Russet Finish

    Width: 190.5cm     Height: 81.3cm     Depth: 55.9cm

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  • Agate Dining Table

    Regular Price:

    Jean-Louis Deniot’s keen architectural eye and timeless spirit inform his debut collection for Baker Furniture. Inspired by 20th-Century vintage furnishings, and with a nod to the grand presence of aristocratic décor, Deniot curates with his signature elegant balance and flirtatious wit. At once serene and sexy, casual yet refined, these pieces warm with antique golds, soften with muted grays, and awake in touches of ivory and white. The collection is eminently versatile, beautifully layered and so very livable.

    Product Code: 3135

    Finish Shown: Black Mink with Oil Rubbed Bronze

    Width: 279.4cm     Height: 76.2cm     Depth: 121.9cm  

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  • Daliesque Dining Table

    Regular Price:


    A captivating dining table design that adds practicality to glamour for a truly wonderful dining experience. The hand-sculptured mahogany bases support a veneered cantilevered table top. 

    Product Code: 76-0181

    Finish Shown: Coco/Italian Silver

    Width: 240cm     Height: 75cm     Depth: 110cm

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